Dr. Michael Bergermann

Dr. Michael Bergermann

Lawyer | Partner

Bennigsen-Platz 1 | 40474 Düsseldorf

T  +49 211 440337-0 | F  +49 211 440337-60
E michael.bergermann@krieger-mes.de


Michael Bergermann advises and represents German and international clients on all aspects of Intellectual Property. His focus is on patent litigation. In international litigation he is frequently in charge of the coordination and works in an integrated team together with patent specialists from the various countries. In opposition and nullity proceedings he represents his clients before the European Patent Office, the German Patent Office and the Federal Patent Court. In addition, he advises in particular on license agreements and represents clients in cases of product counterfeits, designs and trademarks.


A further focus is on damage cases in relation with anti-trust violations in teams together with external financial and economic experts.

His work also involves representing clients in arbitration proceedings. He is also recommended and appointed as an arbitrator by third parties.

After studying IP law at the Franklin Pierce Law Center in Concord/USA, he began working as an attorney in 1999 at a Munich law firm specializing in Intellectual Property.  In July 2003, he joined the law firm of Krieger Mes & Graf v. der Groeben, and has been a partner since 2006.

Michael Bergermann is a lecturer at the Hagen Law School for attorneys specializing in “Intellectual Property Law” and is a member of GRUR, the German national AIPPI group and the Licensing Executives Society (LES).


  • In the 2015 JUVE handbook, Dr. Michael Bergermann is listed among the frequently recommended attorneys in patent law, especially in the field of “Patent Litigation”.